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Weak Tea Drinkers Association

Welcome to Weak Tea Drinkers Association (Est. Oct 2011)

Some people like strong tea. Some people like weak tea. I prefare weak milky tea. This site it to help suport all the people that like weak tea and are sick of people commenting about weak tea it explains how to make weak tea, has a tea colour scale and some pictures of tea!

Feel free to email any questions, comments or pictures to [email protected].

How to make Weak Tea

There are two methods to make tea, therefore there are two methods to make weak tea. Either in a pot or in a cup.


  1. Boil kettle with water in
  2. Pour small quantity of in the tea pot swirl it around and pour it out
  3. Depending on the pot size use 1 tea bag for 2-3 cups and 2 tea bags for 4-6 cups
  4. Leave to brew for 1-2 minutes, don’t stir the pot
  5. Pour milk in to cups
  6. Fill cups up with tea


  1. Boil kettle with water in
  2. Put tea bag in cup
  3. Add boiling water to cup fulling it 3/4
  4. Stir the cup for 3 seconds
  5. Remove tea bag
  6. Fill cup up with milk

The Tea Colour Scale

Coming Soon…


Coomin Soon…